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Title: Your Shadow Weighs a Ton
Fandom: Supernatural/The O.C.
Rating: General
Disclaimer: No money made, jsyk.
Author's Note: Timestamp to On The Run Driving In the Sun
Summary: Sandy finds out that sometimes, if you're lucky, you get some closure.

Sandy Cohen closed his briefcase with a snap. )
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Title: Hail to the Chief
Fandom: SPN/Political RPF
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: No money has been or is being made in the writing or distribution of this story. It's all fiction, pure fiction.
Summary: Ghosts can show up in the nicest of places.

I don't like this )
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Title: To Begin Again
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: General
Disclaimer: No profit was made in the writing or posting of this story.
Author's Note: Timestamp to Burn My Sins Away. Takes place after the events in that story.
Summary: Sometimes you get to pick yourself up again.

Ron jerked at the sound of the chair across from him dragging across the dinged wooden floor. )
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Title: Though Grim From the Grey King Shadows Fall
Fandom: Supernatural/The Dark is Rising crossover
Disclaimer: We all know that these characters are not mine. FYI they’re Eric Kripke’s and Susan Cooper’s, just in case there was any confusion.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set after SPN episode 4x18 (On The Head of a Pin) with spoilers through 4x20 (The Rapture) and general spoilers for The Dark is Rising sequence.
Author’s Note: I imagine that the initial inspiration for this story can be blamed on [ profile] dotfic and all of the DiR-shaped hand-flapping we did at the beginning of SPN Season Four. There was just no way I could not write this out when the idea popped into my head. So Happy Unbirthday to us both, I suppose. =D

Summary: Even the faith of angels can be tried.

There was no comfort here. )
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Title: Damned If You Do
Fandom: Jon and Kate Plus Eight/Supernatural crossover
Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to Supernatural, those are benevolently dictated by Eric Kripke and Warner Brothers. And I definitely don’t have any say about what goes on in the lives of the members of the Gosselin family. This if fiction and I trust it will be viewed accordingly.
Rating: PG-13
Author’s Note: This is all for the Dodger Sister. I hope you’re proud of the things you make me do. Happy Birthday!

Summary: When you think it can’t get any worse it probably will.

He didn’t need grief from Kate about getting plastered, or from half of America, for that matter. )
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Title: The Coming Storm
Fandom: Supernatural/Birds of Prey crossover (Missouri Moseley and Barbara Gordon)
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. It’s all Eric Kripke’s and DC comics's and blah blah blah. We all know who the real braintrust is around here.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set after SPN episode 2x22 (All Hell Breaks Loose, Pt. 2) and Birds of Prey issue #114.
Summary: She went to Missouri and learned the truth.
Author's Note: Written for the [ profile] xovers_ftw SPN crossover challenge, prompt #6 (Missouri and Oracle from the Batverse). Mucho and beaucoup thanks to [ profile] voleuse for making the request that allowed me to combine two of my most favorite current fandoms. Also thanks to Sean McKeever for coming up with a BoP storyline that made my task ridiculously easy.

She had come a long way on the slim hope that this Missouri Moseley would have the answers she sought. )
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Title: On the Run Driving In the Sun
Fandom: Supernatural/The O.C. crossover
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. It’s all Eric Kripke’s and Josh Schwartz’s and blah, blah, blah. We all know who the real braintrust is around here. Title taken from the song ‘California’ by Phantom Planet.
Rating: PG-13 just to be on the safe side
Spoilers: None. Set pre-series for both shows
Summary: Sandy Cohen has a new client.
Dedication: For the irreplaceable (or is that irreparable?) [ profile] baylorsr on the occasion of her birth.
Author’s Note: Fans of either series with little or no knowledge of the other should have no problem understanding what’s going on.

This job was going to break his heart. )
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Title: Let Him Do What Seemeth Him Good
Fandom: Supernatural with a slight X-Files crossover
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. It’s all Kripke’s and the CW’s and blah, blah, blah. We all know who the real braintrust is around here.
Rating: PG-13 at very worst
Spoilers: General for the series. Takes place in between ‘Crossroad Blues’ and 'Croatoan'.
Summary: Sam hears whispers of a faith healer in rural Alabama.

Something was stealing children from their beds and leaving them buried in the soft river mud and he was prepared to say whatever it took to uncover the secrets that this town, like all the others he’d ever lived in, held close to its chest )
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Title: chase the stars across the sky
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica/Supernatural crossover
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. The real puppetmasters are Ron Moore and Eric Kripke, I only borrowed their toys for a little while.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Vague season one BSG spoilers for ‘Water’, nothing specific for SPN.
Summary: Chief is in some trouble and his crew calls in someone to help him out.
Dedication: This is all for you, [ profile] hiyacynth, babe. Happy belated birthday.

From beside him he could hear Dean communicating with the ship, a low-level stream of jokes interspersed with brusque responses to landing coordinates and instructions )
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Title: One Artist to Another
Rating: R
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (2003) and Firefly (Ellen Tigh & Saffron)
Summary: Not much was better then sex but Ellen Tigh had a feeling that the fallout from this evening would come awfully frakking close. Written for Multiverse 2006 as requested by florastuart.
Author’s Note: No spoilers for either the Big Damn Movie or Lay Your Burdens Down, Part II. There’s nothing here that would shock anyone who’s seen season one of either show.

The mood was tense yet euphoric, an electric charge filtered through the crowds that had gathered in every bar and lounge )
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Title: Burn My Sins Away
Fandom: Harry Potter (AU Future-fic, Ron-centric) with a slight BtVS crossover.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The End has come and gone and Ron will never be the same.

He’d been expecting it for days, a prickling on the back of his neck warning him that the past was still dogging his path. )


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