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2029-07-16 12:39 pm

Master Story Index

Here are all of my stories arranged neatly in alphabetical order.

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2013-09-04 07:16 pm
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Your Shadow Weighs a Ton

Title: Your Shadow Weighs a Ton
Fandom: Supernatural/The O.C.
Rating: General
Disclaimer: No money made, jsyk.
Author's Note: Timestamp to On The Run Driving In the Sun
Summary: Sandy finds out that sometimes, if you're lucky, you get some closure.

Sandy Cohen closed his briefcase with a snap. )
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2013-08-21 01:10 pm

Rhapsody in Kaiju Blue Part I

Title: Rhapsody in Kaiju Blue (I)
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Rating: G - M (depending on part)
Disclaimer: If I made any money off of this I'd actually have some money.
Notes: Bingo fills written for Jaegercon 2013, a ficlet per square.

Summary: Moments from the apocalypse.

Jaeger Legends )

The Kwoon )

Dreams )

Family )

Jaeger Crew )
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2013-06-03 07:40 pm

The Tomb of Every Hope

Title: The Tomb of Every Hope
Fandom: The Hobbit
Rating: G (General)
Disclaimer: No money to see here.
Notes: Set after the book. Expect major spoilers for the ending. The title is taken from Robert Graves' adaptation of the Song of Amergin.

Summary: The dwarves were leaving.

Erebor called to them and they returned )
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2012-08-30 11:59 am
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One With the Sun

Title: One With the Sun
Fandom: CWRPF
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: No money has been or is being made in the writing or distribution of this story. It's all fiction, pure fiction.
Summary: I sing the body electric/I celebrate the me yet to come.
Notes: This is one part high school AU and one part Fame (1980) movie fusion. And all parts [ profile] dodger_sister fault, because that’s how she rolls.

I toast to my own reunion/When I become one with the Sun )
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2012-05-23 01:22 pm
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Hail to the Chief

Title: Hail to the Chief
Fandom: SPN/Political RPF
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: No money has been or is being made in the writing or distribution of this story. It's all fiction, pure fiction.
Summary: Ghosts can show up in the nicest of places.

I don't like this )
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2011-10-13 01:45 pm

To Begin Again

Title: To Begin Again
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: General
Disclaimer: No profit was made in the writing or posting of this story.
Author's Note: Timestamp to Burn My Sins Away. Takes place after the events in that story.
Summary: Sometimes you get to pick yourself up again.

Ron jerked at the sound of the chair across from him dragging across the dinged wooden floor. )
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2011-09-17 04:40 pm
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Title: Undertow
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: General
Disclaimer: No profit was made in the writing of this story.
Author's Note: Golden Age fic. This is what happens when you combine a book on Renaissance history, a random episode of The Tudors and too much Guy Gavriel Kay at an impressionable age. Book and movie compatible.
Summary: Freedom has its cost.

The waves dashed against stones, breaking over the sea wall that protected Cair Paravel’s harbor. )
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2010-07-19 02:17 pm
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Just Another Gin Joint - Master Post

Title: Just Another Gin Joint
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R (language, violence, character death)
Disclaimer: Definitely not written for profit, especially since none is being made.
Author’s Note: This would not have been possible without the amazing support of my stupendous friends Baylor, [personal profile] hiyacynth, and Dodger Sister. They’ve beta’d and flailed and held my hand through the sometimes arduous writing process. This one’s all for them. And a big thanks has to go to the creators and mods of SPN_J2_BigBang. I never would’ve gotten my ass in gear and finished this puppy without this great challenge. It’s been a great time and I really hope I get the chance to dance to your tune again.

Summary: In 2005 Sam Winchester’s fiancée burned to death on the ceiling of their apartment. Sam would have died, too, if not for his father, John Winchester, who arrived just in time to pull him out of the fire. Then they both vanished. And regardless of how hard he looked, Dean was not able to find them.

Three years later Dean is living in Nebraska and trying to reshape his life. But all of that is about to be endangered as he comes face-to-face with his family and the secrets they’ve been keeping from him.

A Supernatural Gen AU inspired by the movie Casablanca. Co-starring Victor Henricksen, Ellen and Jo Harvelle, Meg Masters, Bela Talbot, Calvin Reid, and Ash.

Part One * Part Two * Part Three * Part Four * Epilogue

Afterword * Soundtrack coming soon * Art
.pdf file
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2010-06-09 06:16 pm
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Ruination Day

Title: Ruination Day
Song: Gillian Welch - Ruination Day, Part II
Summary: Regardless of who is fighting whom, the Winchesters will always get the short end of the stick.

They Were Five Hundred Miles From Their Home )
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2010-02-09 07:04 pm
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Your Own Kind of Hero

Title: Your Own Kind of Hero
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If I’m making any money off of this it’d be news to me.
Author’s Note: This is set in the same series as More Than Just a Pretty Face and knowledge of the previous stories would be helpful. Spoilers through 5x10 ‘Abandon All Hope….’

Summary: Kat had to keep on moving, it was all she could do.

Kat saw her first dead body when she was six years old. )
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2010-01-29 10:08 pm
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Out the Other Side

Title: Out the Other Side
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I’m not making any money off of this. No, really, I’m not.
Author’s Note: A 5x12 coda. There was a pretty big lose end that needed some tying up.

Summary: Nora remembered everything, even when she didn't want to.

She'd never be anything’s tool. Not ever again. )
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2009-12-15 12:29 am
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Title: Mockingbird
Song: Jessica Lurie, Nels Cline, Scott Amendola & Todd Sickafoose - Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby
Summary: A prologue to Mockingbird by [personal profile] hiyacynth.
28.1 MB, .WMV

Go to sleep you little baby, go to sleep you little baby. Come lay your bones on the alabaster stones and be my ever-loving baby. )
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2009-10-21 04:44 pm
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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Title: Monkey See, Monkey Do
Fandom: Supernatural
Disclaimer: You'll know when I become an all-powerful demi-god because that's when all of this will belong to me. Until then you know the drill.
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: A coda to 5x06 and heavily influenced by Good Omens, nearly as much as Show is these days. The Trickster realized that he had a couple things to say.

Summary: Sometimes you've just gotta march to the beat of your own drummer.

That Ronald McDonald was one lucky S.O.B. )