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Master Story Index

Here are all of my stories arranged neatly in alphabetical order.

Chronicles of Narnia
The Darkest Time
Sometimes you can't help but feel small and alone.
Once and Again
Four different siblings, four separate reactions to returning home.
* With a German translation by [personal profile] cuthalion
Freedom has its cost.

Harry Potter
All Stories End
The story may by over but life won't stop moving forward.
Burn My Sins Away
The End has come and gone and Ron will never be the same.
To Begin Again
Sometimes you get to pick yourself up again.

The Lord of the Rings
Above All Shadows
Disgraught in the tower of Cirith Ungol, Sam finds new hope.
As Day Ends
Each hobbit has his own reasons for continuing on and seeing the Quest to its bitter end.
The Choices of Master Meriadoc
At Bilbo's infamous Eleventy-First Birthday Party, Meriadoc Brandybuck comes to his own conclusions.
Higher Walls
Faramir Took finds familiarity in the scariest of places.
The Honour of Kings
The heart of Thengel of Rohan is heavy as he returns to fulfill his duty.
A Spring Cold
Frodo gets sick again, and there's only one person dedicated enough to take care of him.
To See the Elves
During an autumn journey with Bilbo, Frodo has an experience he will never forget.

All You Can Do
Even the rain can't wash some things away.
Black As Dreams
Surviving isn’t any easier the second time around.
The Blue, Blue Sky
This is the cost of collateral damage.
There are some things you just can't ignore.
Down A Parallel Road
Once upon a time Bobby had a kid.
A Family Business
The Winchesters never stay, and when they go they leave more than burned corpses behind them.
* With a podfic read by [profile] baylorsr
Just Another Gin Joint
While trying to rebuild his life, Dean Winchester's past comes back to haunt him and the secrets his family has been keeping threaten to destroy everything. Written for SPN_J2_BigBang.
Keep Calm and Carry On
Sam doesn't know what to do.
A Long Way Down
There are some things worse than bullets that leave wounds that never heal.
The Meaning of Okay
Dean's happier now, of course he is. Sure.
Monkey See, Monkey Do
Sometimes you've just gotta march to the beat of your own drummer.
More Than Just a Pretty Face
Bird's gotta fly, girl's gotta hunt.
* With a podfic read by Baylor
Out the Other Side
Nora remembered everything, even when she didn't want to.
Roadtrippin' With My Brother
A little monster killing, a little snark, a little serpent guts. It’s all in a normal night’s work.
Round and Round
Sam’s always wanted everything he can’t have.
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
Three blonde chicks walk into a bar. It might sound like the beginning of a joke, but you’d better watch your back 'cause these chicks will fuck your shit up.
* With a podfic read by Baylor

chase the stars across the sky SPN/BSG
Chief is in some trouble and his crew calls in someone to help him out.
The Coming Storm SPN/Birds of Prey (comic)
She went to Missouri and learned the truth.
Damned If You Do SPN/Jon & Kate Plus Eight
When you think it can’t get any worse it probably will.
Hail to the Chief SPN/Political RPF
Ghosts can show up in the nicest of places.
Let Him Do What Seemeth Him Good SPN/XF
Sam hears whispers of a faith healer in rural Alabama.
On The Run Driving In The Sun SPN/The O.C.
Sandy Cohen has a new client.
* With a podfic read by [profile] baylorsr
One Artist to Another BSG/FF
Not much was better then sex but Ellen Tigh had a feeling that the fallout from this evening would come awfully frakking close.
Though Grim From the Grey King Shadows Fall SPN/DiR
Even the faith of angels can be tried.
Your Shadow Weighs a Ton SPN/The O.C.
Sandy finds out that sometimes, if you're lucky, you get some closure.

Every Precious Seed BSG
Building a new life is more difficult then they ever imagined.
Focal Points SV
Chloe has finally had enough.
Getting the Job Done Batman (Nolanverse)
There are still reasons to fight.
Llena eres de gracia BoB
Air rushed around him, his stomach tied in knots.
One More Loss SV
Chloe regrets the life that never was.
One With the Sun CWRPF AU
I sing the body electric/I celebrate the me yet to come.
Rhapsody in Kaiju Blue Pacific Rim
Moments from the apocalypse.
The Tomb of Every Hope The Hobbit
The dwarves were leaving.
A Woman's Touch James Bond
There are some missions for which only a woman's touch will do.

The Bobby Singer School of Library Science
Show your school pride by picking up some of these nifty products. Because nowhere else in the world can a pile of books and a shotgun turn you into a librarian.
Lazarus Get Over Here
A film adaptation (with action figures) of Lazarus Came Forth by [personal profile] oselle. Directed by [personal profile] liptonrm and written/produced by [profile] baylorsr.
SuperPretendNatural with [profile] baylorsr
An alternate SPN universe that mostly adheres to the main canon (except where it doesn't) and has all sorts of fun playing with the details.
Vortex Productions
It's not a real production company, not yet, but it'll do for now.

Mockingbird SPN
A prologue to Mockingbird by Hiyacynth. Go to sleep you little baby, go to sleep you little baby. Come lay your bones on the alabaster stones and be my everlovin' baby.

Ruination Day
Regardless of who is fighting whom, the Winchesters will always get the short end of the stick. They were one, they were two, they were three, they were four, they were five hundred miles from their home.